Serenity for The City That Never Sleeps

Stress and Anxiety Relief - A "New You" for New York!

Hi Friends!

Carl Jr. here, Founder of Serene New You Sax LLC. I hope that you are doing well and staying serene! Thank you for joining me on this page to find out more about my new project, "Serenity for The City That Never Sleeps". So, be my guest and please read on...

First, a Brief Company Overview of Serene New You Sax LLC

Serene New You Sax LLC is an online company that is driven to helping people from around the world, like you, overcome their stress and anxiety, naturally, through restorative and unique relaxation music. It launched on August 15, 2020, National Relaxation Day. I founded the company in 2020 after being inspired by news reports that I saw and heard in 2018 regarding overwhelming numbers of people, especially young adults and Baby boomers, being affected by stress and anxiety. In that span of roughly two and a half years since I saw the need, until when I launched my company, I diligently studied relaxation music, its scientifically-proven effects on people, and unified it with my existing 20 years of knowledge as an award-winning musician, to create Serene New You Sax LLC. The debut product, Serene New You Sax, is a powerful and tranquil relaxation music soundscape, featuring myself on all saxophones and rain stick. The music is currently helping people throughout the USA and abroad.

What is "Serenity for The City That Never Sleeps"?

As you might infer from the title, Serenity for The City That Never Sleeps is a project that I created for a healthier, much more relaxed and peaceful New York! It entails having specially-made fliers with powerful, evidence-based relaxation tips (Serene Tips) for a healthier life on them, placed in over 150 New York City businesses, so that customers at these various venues throughout the five boroughs can see the fliers, take them home, and benefit from the information on them by putting the tips into action. Helping people to relieve and overcome their stress and anxiety, via restorative relaxation music is what my company excels at, and the addition of the invaluable info provided in the flier campaign is another layer of what we offer, openly and freely, this time to make New York City "serene".

This campaign meets YOU, my fellow New Yorkers, where you are...and that's ON THE GO (at the supermarket, coffee shop, clothing store, book store, convenience store, community center, restaurant, laundromat, etc.). That's where you'll find our fliers, and I can almost guarantee you that you'll learn some extremely useful practices to put into action in your everyday lives that will relieve, and in many cases remove, your stress and anxiety!

Why New York City?

Well, I'm a Native New Yorker, hailing from the amazing borough of Queens, and we (NYC) really need! Stats:

1. In a 2020 article, published in Forbes, entitled "Ranked: The World's 20 Most Stressed-Out Cities (The Worst In The US Will Surprise You)", New York City ranked #17 ( among the top 20 cities with the highest levels of workplace burnout. NYC also ranked 3rd highest US city with regards to employee burnout in the same article. Friends, these numbers are really, really not good. This, of course, is just one of many aspects of life that can trigger emotional distress and anxiety, but Serene New You Sax LLC, through its music and programs, such as this campaign, can help in its own creative way.

2. COVID-19. New York City was hit extremely hard, especially during the early days of the pandemic, and the stress and trauma are lingering in a major way, into 2021. Unfortunately, it's not over yet, but hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. An informative article, entitled "New Data on COVID-19 and Mental Health in New York City", that was published recently in 2020 on states, in its opening line, "COVID-19 is taking an emotional toll: New Yorkers are experiencing anxiety, depression and stress". It goes on to cite the percentages of people suffering from pandemic-related depression, stress and anxiety, and other sobering stats. There must be as many resources as possible for anyone that needs help, whether via the arts, counseling, therapy, etc.

I do plan, however, on expanding the flier campaign to more cities and states, in due time. For now, though, the focus for is on NYC. But not to worry; as mentioned earlier, my company's flagship relaxation music recording, Serene New You Sax, while less than six months young, has already made a great impact in the lives of many people throughout the USA and in parts of several countries, toward the stress and anxiety healing process. So, our music is currently available to anyone, around the world, who would like to hear it and needs it.

Not Just the Same Relaxation Tip On Every Flier!

There will be different relaxation tips on different fliers, depending on the batch...and that's a great thing! This gives the people of NYC a variety of healthy and powerful info to get them DE-stressing in no time!

When is This Project Happening?

"Serenity for The City That Never Sleeps" commences in mid/late February 2021 (American Heart Month) and culminates in late April 2021 (Stress Awareness Month).


Now Friends, we know that New York City is the city that never sleeps...but I'm letting my NYC Family know that caring for yourself and getting the much needed relaxation, and stress and anxiety relief that you deserve is very important. Let's start now!

So, how about a "new you" for New York!? Sound good? I think so. We need it. Stay tuned... Here's to your better health and wellness and to a serene new you!

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Much Love,
Carl Bartlett, Jr. (Native New Yorker)
Award-winning Saxophonist 🎷 and Composer
Founder of Serene New You Sax LLC

A Sneak Peek at Some Fliers (Actual Size is Larger)