Award-winning Saxophonist Carl Bartlett, Jr. sitting with his saxophone in a meadow

Serene New You Sax LLC is an online company that helps people from around the world, like you, overcome their stress and anxiety and build resilience through Restorative Relaxation Music.

Founded in 2020 by Carl Bartlett, Jr., an Award-winning Saxophonist and Composer, and a Queens, New York native, the business unites Carl's love of and gift in music with his passion for helping people achieve healthier, more enjoyable lives.  Carl, the 1st Place Winner in The USA, 2nd in the world, in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition (ISC) for one of his original Jazz compositions, intertwines his deep understanding of Jazz and Relaxation Music to form a distinct and remarkably restorative sonic quality.

Deeply moved by news reports in 2018 regarding increasing cases of stress, anxiety, and panic attacks in young adults and Baby boomers, Carl was inspired to create an effective, unique, safe and natural means of stress and anxiety reduction for people.  A type of relief that goes beyond simply helping people to manage stress levels but, rather, guides them into a relaxed state while helping them to thrive, via restorative music and imagery. 

For two years, Carl combined his 20 years of expertise as a professional musician with an intensive study of Relaxation Music and science to form Serene New You Sax LLC.  The company's highly creative and powerful form of music is composed and performed by Carl Jr., himself, and consists of a supple all-saxophone soundscape, with moments of rainstick.

Wherever you are on your healing journey, whether it be in need of relief from sleep anxiety, the usual stress, or more severe anxiety, Serene New You Sax LLC gently takes you by the hand, comforts and guides you into a peaceful place through transformative music and imagery.

Here's to your better health and wellness and to a serene new you!