The Story of Serene New You Sax LLC

Serene New You Sax LLC is an online company that is driven to helping people from around the world, like you, overcome their stress and anxiety, naturally, through powerful and unique relaxation music.

Founded in 2020 by native New Yorker, and Award-winning Saxophonist and Composer Carl Bartlett, Jr., the business unites Carl's love of, and gift in music with his passion for helping people achieve healthier and more enjoyable lives. Deeply moved by news reports that he heard in 2018 regarding increasing cases of high stress and anxiety levels in young adults, Baby boomers, and people in general, Carl decided to create a unique, safe, and effective means of delivering major stress relief to as many people as he could. For two years, Carl combined his 20 years of knowledge as a professional musician with an intensive study of Relaxation Music and science to form Serene New You Sax LLC.

The debut product, Serene New You Sax, has the company's name (sans LLC) and is a creative and powerful offering featuring entirely saxophones, accompanied by moments of rainstick. The music on the recording emphasizes distinct timbres that have a nurturing effect on the body's relaxation response. Calming and thoughtful musical intervals and harmonies, blending with sonic (instrumental) mantras, subtle isochronic tones, and occasional silence for reflection and transition deliver a deeply soothing soundscape guiding you into serenity.

You have found your answer to true stress relief with the relaxation music of Serene New You Sax. Here's to your better health and wellness and to a serene new you!

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Product Name: Serene New You Sax

Product Launch Day: Saturday, August 15, 2020 (National Relaxation Day)

Product Type: Digital Audio - Music (available for download, worldwide)

Product Nature: Relaxation Music

Composer: Carl Bartlett, Jr.

Musician & Instrumentation: Carl Bartlett, Jr. - saxophones, wind sounds on saxophone, & rainstick

Duration: 35 minutes and 37 seconds

This music track was recorded during February and March 2020, in New York City, NY.

SPECIAL NOTE: For an optimal sonic experience, listen with headphones, earphones, or EarPods (AirPods). Enjoy!