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Carl Bartlett, Jr. and Serene New You Sax LLC featured in the renowned WhereItzAt Magazine for National Stress Awareness Month.

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November 10, 2021

Carl Bartlett, Jr. interview on Brain Lady Speaks Radio Show with Host, Julie "Brain Lady" Anderson - Click Here to listen

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September 6, 2021

Carl Bartlett, Jr. interview on The Darius Norman Show - Click Here to listen

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August 9, 2021

Carl Bartlett, Jr. interview on Source Energy Medicine SEM Mondays with Creator, Stephen Pollitt - Click Here to watch

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July 21, 2021

Carl Bartlett, Jr. interview on Wellness for You with Host, Toni Gonzalez (Part 2) - Click Here to watch

Carl Bartlett, Jr. interview on Wellness for You with Host, Toni Gonzalez (Part 2) - Picture


July 15, 2021

Carl Bartlett, Jr. interview on Wellness for You with Host, Toni Gonzalez (Part 1) - Click Here to watch

Carl Bartlett, Jr. interview on Wellness for You with Host, Toni Gonzalez (Part 1) - Picture


March 26, 2021

Carl Bartlett, Jr. interview on Rest Leads To Revenue Podcast with Host, Donata D. Mooring (Certified Sleep Coach) - Click Here to listen

Carl Bartlett, Jr. interview on Rest Leads To Revenue Podcast with Host, Donata D. Mooring (Certified Sleep Coach) - Flier


February 8, 2021

Carl Bartlett, Jr. interview on Diva-Naires Radio Show with Host, Queen Kee

Carl Bartlett, Jr. interview on Diva-Naires Radio Show with Host, Queen Kee - Picture


August 15, 2020

Review on New York Music Daily - Click Here to read

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August 14, 2020

Feature in QNS - Schneps Media - Click Here to read

Saturday is National Relaxation Day, so tackle stress & anxiety with healing ‘Relaxation Music’

Photo of Carl Bartlett, Jr. outdoors, raising hands and looking toward the sky.  Photo courtesy of Serene New You Sax LLC

Photo courtesy of Serene New You Sax LLC


When was the last time you truly felt relaxed and uplifted?

If the never-ending pandemic’s got you down, and you’re still grappling with those lingering “pandemic blues” – and who isn’t these days – here’s a helpful remedy: How about some healing music for the soul?

Step 1: Find a comfy spot where you can chill for a while, uninterrupted. Step 2: Listen to some anxiety-reducing relaxation music … asap!

National Relaxation Day is Aug. 15. What a great reminder, especially now, that it’s okay to forget your troubles for a while and just kick back. So, whether you practice mindfulness and/or meditation, or get your Zen fix binge-watching Netflix, the key to getting through these weird times without going crazy, is to find some measure of tranquility and serenity as you go about your daily life.

“Relaxation is vital because the mind and body have to rejuvenate from time to time,” said award-winning saxophonist/composer Carl Bartlett, Jr., whose newly formed company Serene New You Sax LLC, is dedicated to helping people everywhere, overcome and, hopefully, eliminate their stress and anxiety (and even lower blood pressure) – naturally – through the power of authentic, feel-good music performed on his favorite instrument.

A Queens native who grew up in St. Albans and later moved to Cambria Heights, the rising musician is debuting his relaxation music digital audio track – aptly titled “Serene New You Sax” – worldwide, this Saturday (the product’s launch day) and just in time for Relaxation Day. And what you’ll hear is a unique recording featuring this spiritual musician’s moving melodies.

Along with relaxation techniques, those soothing sax sounds can really help re-center your mind and spirit. The amazing results?

“The restoration and upkeep of good health; giving you peace of mind, boosting your mood, and positively impacting your outlook on life,” Bartlett explained.

“I am playing all saxophones on the recording, and a few moments of rainstick (which is the only non-sax instrument),” said Bartlett, who describes this transformative music therapy experience as “a distinct and powerful offering, emphasizing timbres that nurture the body’s peaceful mode, providing essential stress relief, deep calm, and happiness.”

In celebration and anticipation of the upcoming launch, he told QNS: “This is going to be a joyous occasion! People are going to vastly improve their quality of life by experiencing the restorative nature of the music.”

QNS caught up with the musical entrepreneur, who was eager to share his backstory and talk about the inspiration behind his unique project.

“The sounds of music have always filled my home and were present in a general way. That surely rubbed off on me,” said Bartlett, whose dad and uncle have their own “renowned” band called Bartlett Contemporaries.

“Although I play many genres, I have a love for Jazz and relaxation music,” he shared.

According to Bartlett – who said he won first place in the USA (second, in the world), in the prestigious 2015-2016 International Songwriting Competition (ISC) Jazz category – the inspiration behind Serene New You Sax LLC, came several years ago when he thought about improving folks’ overall health by providing “a creative and safe solution to help them overcome stress and anxiety.”

That solution is music. “But not just any music!” he insisted. “I’m referencing sounds and ideas constructed in a certain manner that effectuate the body’s peaceful mode and relaxation response.”

He continued: “This music shines because it is a confluence of rich and supple tones, powerful musical intervals, harmonies; a tempo which eases the listener into a state of tranquility, and several intangibles that create an overall deeply calming and restorative soundscape. I composed the music with people’s better health in mind.”

Locally, the Jazz lover has performed at Queens Botanical Garden, as well as Cambria Heights, St. Albans, and Flushing Libraries; he also played at Bayside Historical Society, Bayside Castle, and Bourbon Street (also in Bayside), to name a few. Elsewhere in Gotham, folks would flock to these Jazz venues and others, to hear Bartlett play: Sista’s Place, in Brooklyn – described as one of the last few authentic spots where (back in the day) you could listen to real, great jazz in NYC; Smalls Jazz Club (West Village), and Jazz at Kitano, in Manhattan. His ensemble has also played throughout the U.S., and abroad.

The saxophonist has released two critically acclaimed recordings: his debut album, “Hopeful,” and sophomore album, “PROMISE!”

And here’s a fun fact: National Relaxation Day has been around since 1985 and was actually founded by a fourth-grader, Sean Moeller. Imagine that!

While sheltering in place, Bartlett noted that he was teaching his craft remotely, while connecting with family, friends, and musicians that he hadn’t seen in a while, via phone, Zoom, or Google Meet.

After all, one important thing everyone has learned from this pandemic, is that human beings need others to achieve true spiritual and physical wellbeing. Add some relaxing music, and you’ve got a winning combo!

“One’s health is a serious issue and my sounds will prove that music can indeed bring about healing,” Bartlett added.

“Serene New You Sax” will be available for digital download at: beginning August 15 ($10.00). The music track is 35-plus minutes long. 


August 13, 2020

Feature in Queens Chronicle - Click Here to read

The soothing, healing powers of music

by Michael Gannon, editor

Photo of Carl Bartlett, Jr. outdoors, holding saxophone.  Photo courtesy of Buzz B


Queens native Carl Bartlett Jr. wants to bring soothing relaxation music to people as a means of relieving stress large or small in their lives.

Carl Bartlett Jr. was drawn by the sometimes subtle power of a saxophone at a young age.

“I was 11 when I first picked up a saxophone,” he said. “My father played it, so I wanted to play it too. Three years later I began to play jazz.”

His love of music led the St. Albans native and Cambria Heights resident to become a composer, performer and middle school music teacher in the Bronx.

But about two years ago — long before the COVID-19 pandemic — he decided that music could help people relax and cope with the stress in their daily lives.

On Aug. 15 — National Relaxation Day — Bartlett will introduce the website, where he will offer original compositions written with relaxation in mind. The track will be a 35-minute piece titled “Serene New You Sax.”

The music can be downloaded digitally.

“No packages to wait for,” he said.

The first five days get the buyer a 33 percent discount, while those ordering on the 15th also get a free selection of photos Bartlett shot himself of images he feels will foster a sense of serenity, good for wallpaper for desktops, laptops and tablets.

While he believes people today are in need of good music to help with difficult times, a pandemic was the furthest thing from his mind when Bartlett decided he wanted to create a business to bring a sense of stress and anxiety relief to people through his music.

“In about 2018, I keyed in on a news story that said people needed a way to manage their stress and anxiety in their lives in their homes, at their jobs, wherever,” Bartlett, 38, told the Chronicle in a telephone interview. “That really affected me ... I just wanted to help people out as much as I could.”

And it is his original work.

“I’m the composer, the arranger and the musician,” he said with chuckle. “The only thing I didn’t do was studio technician. I went to a very good place in Manhattan for that.”

He said there is no one creative process, but that he very often will hear a melody or harmony in his head.

“I’ll put down the chords,” he said, “then build the rest around them.”

It is a process that has won him acclaim from his peers. In 2015 he took first in the United States and second in the world in the jazz category of the International Songwriting Competition for his work “Quantam Leaps (And Bounds).” The competition that year had 18,500 entries from 120 countries.

Bartlett’s influences and his CD rack include the likes of Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Sonny Stitt and Joshua Redman.

‘Serene New You Sax’ When: Sat., Aug. 15, National Relaxation Day Where: Cost: $10; $15 after Aug. 19


August 10, 2020

Carl Bartlett, Jr. interview on Source Energy Medicine SEM Mondays with Creator, Stephen Pollitt - Click Here to watch

Carl Bartlett, Jr. interview on SEM Mondays with Creator, Stephen Pollitt - Picture


August 6, 2020

Feature & Review on Neon Grafitti - Click Here to read

Overcome Stress and Anxiety with Serene New You Sax, Launching on National Relaxation Day (8/15/20)

Carl Bartlett, Jr. playing saxophone - photo courtsey of Christine Connallon Photography

This year has proven to be a challenging time for most of us. If you’ve been looking for a way to overcome stress and anxiety, you’ve found it here with Serene New You Sax LLC. Created and founded by saxophonist, composer, bandleader and educator Carl Bartlett, Jr., this online company is bringing you the opportunity to get lost and rewind with the help of the power of music.

Launching on National Relaxation Day (August 15, 2020), the company will debut its worldwide relaxation music release. Serene New You Sax features Carl, an Award-winning Saxophonist on sax and rainstick. This gorgeous release is powerful, emphasizing timbres that nurture the body’s peaceful mode. 35 minutes long, Serene New You Sax is the answer for stress relief, deep calm and restoration. Composed with your better health in mind, Serene New You Sax effectuates your body’s peaceful mode via a distinct rich and supple tone quality. The confluence of a cappella sax, layered saxes in soothing harmonies, core elements of relaxation music and musical intuition combines to bring you a restorative and tranquil soundscape that will entice you into a state of calm.

Carl Bartlett, Jr. with saxophone, talking on the microphone - photo courtesy of Christine Connallon Photography

Carl, a native New Yorker, has been a major force on the Jazz scene, including achieving the high honor of becoming the 1st Place Winner in the USA (2nd in the world) in the prestigious 2015-2016 International Songwriting Competition (ISC) Jazz Category. His CD releases Hopeful and PROMISE! have been met with critical and fan praise. If you’re lucky enough to have caught The Carl Bartlett, Jr. Quartet/ Quintet at any number of preeminent Jazz clubs, cultural venues, festivals and music series, you know how special his vision is as a bandleader and as a musician. The Carl Bartlett Jr. Quartet/ Quintet have graced the stages before sold out crowds at JAZZ at KITANO, Smalls Jazz Club, Foosaner Art Museum (Florida Institute of Technology), Alice’s Jazz and Cultural Society, Sistas’ Place (an Honorary NYS Landmark), the New Rochelle Jazz Festival, the Lafayette Bar Jazz Nite, Hartford Public Library Baby Grand Jazz Series, Queens Botanical Garden, Candlelight Lounge (NJ) and more. Carl has toured with icons of Jazz, Funk and Soul like Lonnie Liston Smith, Brian Jackson and Mark Adams and performed with Clifford Adams of Kool & The Gang, The Mighty Dells, Andy Montanez and Johnny Pacheco Salsa Orchestra, Wynton Marsalis, Antonio Hart and Jimmy Heath and Roy Hargrove.

With Serene New You Sax, Carl is combining his mega-watt talent and his passion for helping others through music seamlessly. Give yourself the gift of serenity or think about giving it to a loved one or friend who could really use the opportunity to relax. If you place your order on launch day, there is a special for 33% off your purchase, plus five beautiful nature photos with your order, taken by Carl which you can use as wallpaper or screensavers on your computer, phone, tablet or laptop (offer only with purchase on product launch day August 15th, 2020). Click here to learn more and to place an order on the 15th:

Having had the opportunity to see the magic that Carl Bartlett Jr. creates , we couldn’t be happier or more proud of this amazing musician who is using his talent to give peace to fans worldwide. Take this time to find a very bright spot in 2020 and help create your own serenity.

Carl Bartlett, Jr. holding saxophone outdoors in front of a tree - photo courtesy of Buzz B