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Serene New You Sax LLC

Serene New You Sax

Serene New You Sax

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Serene New You Sax is the transformative, restorative relaxation music recording by Serene New You Sax LLC.  You will now have a fast-acting, natural solution to your stress and anxiety, giving you lasting relief.  The music features Founder, Award-winning Saxophonist Carl Bartlett, Jr. playing saxophones and rainstick.

"Perfect for meditation" —Lucid Culture

Composed with your better health in mind, Serene New You Sax effectuates the body's relaxation response via a distinct supple and engaging tone quality as its guiding light.  The deeply soothing all-saxophone soundscape calms your nervous system, putting your mind and spirit at ease, and guides you into a state of mindfulness with sonic instrumental mantras for a section of the tune.

A cappella and layered saxophones create calming harmonic intervals and drones, which add immense beauty and depth to your wellness experience, as the thoughtful sax melody floats gently over the chords.  Transitional silence between musical movements encourages reflection.

Serene New You Sax goes beyond sound healing ... it focuses on YOUR healing.  This innovative flagship recording is the game-changer that delivers powerful relief from stress and anxiety to you now, helping you build resilience and nurture your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being.  You have found your answer here toward a more peaceful life.  Realize your positive before and after transformation, be renewed, and enter into your serenity.

What you'll get: A music recording

Run time: 35 minutes and 37 seconds

Format: MP3 (audio digital download)

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Product Review: Take Half an Hour and Chill with Carl Bartlett Jr.

"It’s a balmy, hypnotically atmospheric album-length solo piece ... perfect for meditation or just chilling. Ultimately, this is about finding a calm center, something we definitely need more of these days."

- New York Music Daily

  • Dr. Sylvester Wise, Cultural Anthropology Professor, State University of New York

    It gives me pleasure to share my feelings about Serene New You Sax and Carl Bartlett, Jr. ... I was going through some very difficult periods at that time with grieving three deaths and I was fortunate to have this tape and played it early in the mornings to start my day. And in the evening it helped me to, transformatively, to really find a sense of peace and tranquility. I recommend this to anyone not just going through grief but anyone who wants to deal with the transformative quality of just peace, meditation, and acquire the kind of level that you're entitled to have.

  • Beverly Hunt

    You will actually feel your blood pressure lowering.  You will actually feel yourself returning to a stillness. ...I advise everybody to go out and get it...not just for yourself, go out and get a couple of extra downloads for friends and loved ones. Wonderful project.

  • JoAnn Youngblood King

    Creating Serene New You Sax was a genius move on the part of extraordinary Saxophonist, Carl Bartlett, Jr., because I believe it can help many people who often suffer from stress and anxiety, in a natural way.  It's a wonderful blend of saxophones and rainstick that help produce a calm and relaxed feeling.  I personally listen to it in the evening when I need to relax and wind down from the activities of the day.  Serene New You Sax, is appropriately named because that's how you feel after listening; like a fresh "New You."  I love this soundtrack and highly recommend it!

  • Steven Gross

    Carl Bartlett Jr’s Testimonial For Serene New You Sax is a 35 minute musical piece featuring Carl primarily on sax and rainstick.  The purpose of the piece is to relax you and to help the listener find inner peace. Carl’s gentle sounds on the sax stretch out gently making visual pictures come to mind.  I thought of waves gently rolling into shore.  A lighthouse came into my mind while listening to the piece.  I was also reminded of a peaceful landscape with mountains and birds gliding along to the gentleness of the lush sounds created by the sax.  The piece stretches notes softly and eloquently creating a feeling of inner calm as you listen. Carl’s musical creation also works as a form of minimalism.  It succeeds not only as a form of relaxation, but as an interesting example of ambient music creating visuals in the mind of the listener.  I can definitely see people meditating to this piece.  If you come home from a stressful day at work, this is the perfect piece to put on and play.

  • Julia Gabriel & Maria Gabriel

    From the first few notes of the album I was hooked on it.  Extremely relaxing and soothing to the mind.  I would recommend this album to anyone who is looking to take a little time to relax from the stress of everyday life.  After sitting through the sounds of Serene New You Sax, I am refreshed and renewed.  An album like no other!

  • Wally Joshua

    I love music.  More importantly, I enjoy good quality music.  When it comes to tranquility, having an escape from the daily stressful life and getting revitalized, I need more than just good music.  It's got to be exceptional and impeccable.  This is what "Serene New You Sax" disseminates - Top quality quintessential music by an extra ordinary quality man; Carl Bartlett Jr.  Thank you Mr Carl Bartlett Jr. for speaking positively impacting calming vibes out there the way you do it best - your unique music.  God Bless!

  • Cheryl Clark

    Serene New You Sax, it's different from any other relaxation music. Carl Bartlett, Jr. uses his sensitivity, intelligence, and gift of songwriting, which led to him receiving a coveted songwriting award. He was number one in the USA and number two worldwide.  So, you had a stressful day, cooped up in the house with the kids?  Time to unwind. With the first melodic sounds of sax you hear, your muscles start to release and that headache you had is starting to leave.  Serene New You Sax is better than medication, without all the side effects, and it's healthier for you.  Enjoy new found peace with Serene New You Sax.

  • P. Nicole Lawrence, Teacher-ESL

    I've heard a variety of relaxing music over the years. However, none like Carl's! Usually you hear the piano and/or nature.  But using the saxophone was pure genius.  As the music enters my soul, it is soothed and takes me to another universe.  I feel as though I've been washed, air-dried, and pampered.  Truly relaxing and recharged.

  • Shakeena Terry, Author, CEO of Divanaires Radio Show

    Serene New You Sax is the new wave for relaxation and meditation.  Once you listen it takes you into another world.  I admit, I was a skeptic when I first listened.  But, after I listened to the light sounds of Serene New You Sax it has made me a believer.  I listen after a long day when I want to wind down.  Or, when I want to meditate.  It helps wipe away the stress of a long day.

  • Eliza Dukes, Emotional Healing Strategist

    Serene New You Sax Testimonial: As I listened, I felt the power of the SAX vibrations, from the first note.  My eyes gently began to close, I wanted to feel this connecting force deeply.  I decided to get on my air trainer & lay upside down and WOW a river of peace began to rise up and tender my heart.  I inhaled & exhaled, freely and slowly, releasing all concerns purposefully.  This is my daily goal to refresh my soul continually!  This was another new experience, I simply embraced. Thanks so much for another wonderful & new experience.  I truly enjoy your song and have added it to my deep breathing exercises and meditation!

  • Michele W

    Serene New You Sax has come at a time in my life where I really need to relax, release and let God.  It allows you to take a beat and let the world around you be quiet so you can really listen and hear what's going on inside.  I appreciate the thought and talent Carl has put into this and happily not surprised how good it is and how well it works.  I also want to add that my pet dog Miles really enjoys listening as well.  It calms him and he drifts off into a sweet sleep.  Thanks Carl.  I hope everyone feels the love and heart you put into this venture.

  • Lawrence Pech

    When I first downloaded this product, I thought I'd give it a try as I was becoming more and more desperate for some anxiety-busting relaxation tools, given these extraordinary times.  I laid down, put it on and … awoke an hour later!  I was sorry to have missed the beautiful music (which I have since remained conscious for), but that first trying and I was sold!  Thanks Mr. Bartlett and all.

  • David R.

    Everyday I walk for about an hour in the coolness of the morning.  When I return home I sit on my porch and meditate.  Recently I’ve started meditating to the mellow harmonies of Serene New You Sax.  The soothing notes help me relax into the rest of my day.  I often continue with the calming sounds well after my twenty minute meditation is over.  Beautiful sounds to release stress by.

  • Patricia Mitchell

    I just love this new music by Carl Bartlett, Jr.  In times like this, "Serene New You Sax" is very much needed. I find this music relaxing, and listening to it helps to relieve stress during these difficult times.  I especially enjoy listening to it at night, as it helps to clear my mind and sleep much better.  Thank you Carl Jr. for a job well done!  Keep up the great work!

  • Jeannette H.

    I find Serene New York Sax to be very soothing.  The sounds of the sax put my mind and soul into a mellow mood.  It relieves the stress and anxieties one might feel, especially during these times of the pandemic.  Listening to Serene, I felt like I was on a paradise island. It is a supreme gift given to us by the talented Carl Bartlett Jr. Thank You, Carl!  Jeannette H.

  • Shirley H.

    Carl Bartlett Jr.'s new SERENE NEW YOU SAX digital music track is so calming to listen to.  I envision myself on a sailboat, feeling the cool breeze while listening to this relaxing music.  Some sections remind me of a ship sailing off into the sunset, which is so soothing.

  • Nina A Nicholls

    I found the opening of Serene New You Sax to be very haunting. As I continued listening I found myself becoming focused on the music itself and not on my surroundings. This piece of music encourages relaxation and a sense of well being. Well done Carl Jr.

  • Nadia Nickerson

    This is an absolute must-have for every music lover who loves great music!!  I enjoy listening to my digital download as I am winding down from a long work day or stress-filled day of homeschooling three kids. The smooth jazz sounds take my mind away to a peaceful, calm and centered space.  I routinely have the music playing in the background as I am preparing dinner or as I am getting ready for bed.  I feel the stress and tension immediately fading away!  This is great music for your mind, body and soul!  I highly recommend it!

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Grace C.

Listening to SereneNewYouSax is a joyful experience every time!! I always find myself relaxing slowly as I listen, and usually I nap a bit in the middle. I am a serene new me!!

Deborah Waldron, Fashion & Beauty Consultant

Thank you so much for much needed comfort from your program, "Serene New You Sax". It is so peaceful, and comforts and sets my mind in a much better state. It puts me in a state of better concentration. Keeps me from stressing. I thank you so much for helping my peace. Bless you Carl Bartlett Jr.

John Barr

Great music!  The acappella line is so soothing and the harmonic structure is excellent.  Great music for relaxing the mind.

Ajamu Dillahunt

Serene New You Sax is a perfect accompaniment for a meditation practice or background sounds to relax and center oneself.  What you hear will likely vary from person to person but to this listener the opening sounds of waves took me from Goree Island to Sullivan’s Island.  The alto enters with a sound reminiscent of the horn of a boat and transitions into the sound of a tone being perfected using the life giving breath that is always available to us.  And then behind the melodious sound we are introduced to harmony that calls out our interconnectedness and the potential beauty that lies therein.  The beauty and tranquility continue for the remaining minutes.  For me, Carl has found a dialectic between fiery Bebop licks and calming vibrations.  I need both in my life.

Lilly Cheng, Great Neck, New York

Serene New You Sax is full of calm, peaceful, tranquil music to help to unstress during this time of uncertainty.  After listening to a month of Serene, I had reduced my stress level and my blood pressure is down to normal levels.  Saxophonist Carl Bartlett, Jr. brought in good quality music helping to have calming healing vibes.  I also meditate with Serene New You Sax and I feel like a new person with less stress. Thank you Carl for helping us with our wellness and our mental wellness.  If you're seeking to reduce stress and anxiety "Serene New You Sax" is a must.  Great job.  I look forward to more that lies ahead.  Thank you.

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Crystal Jones

I am so grateful that I purchased Serene New You Sax by Carl Bartlett, Jr.  This year has been a bit challenging for me and I literally feel like his music has helped me learn how to breathe again.  Whenever I turn it on, I instantly feel my shoulders relax, and my heart rate begins to slow down.  It's like having a musical massage.  I believe that this is truly what we all need right now.  And to make sure that I'm never without it, I downloaded it onto my phone, laptop, and my iPad.  Congratulations to Carl for creating such an important and necessary piece of music.  Before purchasing this piece, I didn't realize how much I needed it.  And I'm sure that once you have it, you'll feel the same way."

Anita S.

Carl is a very talented artist and I hear this every time I listen to his music.  This download track is by far the best music I’ve heard that captures the feelings we all are feeling in this pandemic.  It’s soft and serene like its title.  It’s positive relaxation music that is much needed in these days and times.  I look forward to playing it over and over again.  Thank you for producing this.

Angela Richardson, Medical Assistant for Northwell Health

My name is Angela Richardson, I was born and raised in Hollis, NY.  I purchased Serene New You Sax because I have always been a fan of Carl Bartlett Jr., and knew that this project would be great.  I have been practicing breathing techniques lately, and it is the perfect accompaniment for relaxation techniques or prayer.  This came at a perfect time when life is so stressful with everything going on in the world, the soothing sounds of saxophone and nature truly are a calming combination, and a huge blessing.  I work as a Medical Assistant for Northwell Health and sometimes on a hectic day, I listen to this at lunch and it helps me relax.

Whitfield Coppin

I’ve known Carl Bartlett Jr. for a good while and also had the pleasure on many occasions to work with him. He is an excellent musician, composer, arranger, educator, etc. As an educator myself, I always tell my students that through history, composers used the power of music to help others. Carl Jr.’s latest work “Serene New You Sax” does just that. I listen to it when I want to settle down after a stressful day, or when I just want to meditate. In doing so, I am able to focus better, as well as reap the benefits of a healthier me. Thanks Carl Jr.

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Toni González, Founder of Wellness For You

The meaning of music is more than we ever imagined it could be for the human spirit.  Think about all the times you tune into music to get through a workout, on a long drive to work, or just to listen to it to get through the day.  This is what is so special to Carl’s music.  He took the time to tailor it to help deal with his own stress and anxiety.  In turn he gifted it to the world.  Stop and listen to his music download.  You will hear the soothing sounds and relax without having to think about it.

Doris Dobson, Educator

My testimonial about Serene New You Sax relaxation music is part of my ritual life.  There are times when things get crazy in my life or I'm feeling depressed and lonely.  I listen to Serene music and it brings me back to myself and reminds me of the happy moments I've had in my life and it opens up a new chapter for me.  I can't explain it, I become the happy person I am and its a feeling that comes over me that's so good its hard to explain. Serene music for me is a ritual when I'm meditating and just lying down lost in my thoughts with a calming spiritual lift in my life.

Gregory Kimble

I was having my normal difficult time with falling asleep during the early morning hours of August 15th, 2020. The time was approximately 3:00 AM. During my tossing and turning to find sleep, I recalled that Serene New You Sax was launching that day. I thought to myself, I wonder if the product would be available for download so early during the morning of August 15th, 2020? I reached for my phone and was able to download the product at that time. What a blessing for me! I first tried my best to relax myself before listening to the downloads. I would Love to tell you about the entire Download and how great it was, however sleep found me somewhere in the middle of my listening experience. I woke later that morning and said to myself, mission accomplished! I was able to get the much needed sleep and peace of mind thanks to Serene New You Sax! Carl, thank you for taking all the necessary time to put just the right ingredients into making this wonderful, relaxing music. It is a product that will always be valuable. Kind regards,

Barbara D. Kydd

The musical rendition of Serene New Sax by Carl Bartlett Jr. is quite fitting as a way to unwind and relax. The soothing sounds performed took my mind far away and created a unique opportunity to forget about the issues at hand. I appreciated the length of the piece because I was able to focus on the notes resulting in a deeper and faster relaxation time rather than focusing on different songs. A new “go to” piece when I need to relax! Thanks Carl for doing an excellent job once more!