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Serene New You Sax LLC

Serene New You Sax

Serene New You Sax

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Serene New You Sax is the restorative, flagship relaxation music track by Serene New You Sax LLC.  Your lasting relief from stress and anxiety is here!  It features Founder, Award-winning Saxophonist Carl Bartlett, Jr. playing saxophones and rainstick.

"Perfect for meditation" - Lucid Culture

Composed with your better health in mind, Serene New You Sax effectuates the body's relaxation response via a distinct supple tone quality.  A cappella and layered saxophones create soothing, thoughtful harmonies that blend with core elements of relaxation music, such as sonic instrumental mantras, subtle isochronic tones, calming harmonic drones and transitional silence to deliver a deeply relaxing soundscape which nurtures your relaxation process.  Tranquility is yours.

What you'll get: A music recording

Run time: 35 minutes and 37 seconds

Format: MP3 (audio digital download)

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Product Review: Take Half an Hour and Chill with Carl Bartlett Jr.

"It’s a balmy, hypnotically atmospheric album-length solo piece ... perfect for meditation or just chilling. Ultimately, this is about finding a calm center, something we definitely need more of these days."

- New York Music Daily