Industry Praise

Powerful Sentiments from Industry Experts and Thought Leaders

Serene New You Sax LLC has garnered heartfelt testimony from leading industry professionals in the health and wellness, and healing space.  Check out what they have to say:


Stacy DiGregorio - Lotus Heart Mindfulness: avatar and logo

“I have to say I was a little skeptical at first, I wasn't sure if it would actually relax me. I put it on and in the background to listen to it and I was trying to get some work done...I thought it would be just kind of relaxing music, it was so deeply relaxing that I needed to rest. It's beautiful and it's really relaxing. It's incredible, so I'm all in on it. ...It's so different than your typical going to a spa music, it's different than that. It has a unique quality, I think it's a very distinctive sound."

- Stacy Di Gregorio, Founder of Lotus Heart Mindfulness, Certified Search Inside Yourself (SIY) Teacher

Stephen Pollitt - Source Energy Medicine (SEM): avatar and logo

"He really has this unique genius, it's hard for me not to see the Divine in him. ...His name's Carl Bartlett, Jr. The harmonies, the way it all comes together is...I can't describe it, verbally. You really have to experience it and it is a visceral, positively uplifting and yet deeply relaxing experience."

- Stephen Pollitt, Creator of Source Energy Medicine

Donata D. Mooring - Rest Leads To Revenue: avatar

"Now, I have to admit, when I first heard it...I had to stop, I could not do anything. There's no way you could listen and do other things...I was like in a trance. Just, relaxed instantly...whoa how powerful. With music, yes, there's excitement and people dance but it's good that you now brought it to another, higher level as far as for stress, anxiety, and of course sleep. So thank you for that, thank you, thank you."

- Donata D. Mooring, Certified Sleep Science - Holistic Life Coach | Author