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From my perspective, everyone would benefit from listening to and experiencing Serene New You Sax.


If you’ve been looking for a way to overcome stress and anxiety, you’ve found it here with Serene New You Sax LLC. With Serene New You Sax, Carl is combining his mega-watt talent and his passion for helping others through music seamlessly. Give yourself the gift of serenity or think about giving it to a loved one or friend who could really use the opportunity to relax.


It’s a balmy, hypnotically atmospheric album-length solo piece...perfect for meditation or just chilling.


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About Carl Bartlett, Jr. & Serene New You Sax LLC

...a tone that only the greats have the ability to attain...

Mike Perciaccante, Neon Grafitti

Carl Bartlett, Jr. is the 1st Place Winner in the USA, 2nd in the world, in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition (ISC), and is a critically acclaimed musical artist! In 2020, Carl founded Serene New You Sax LLC, a company dedicated to, and intent on, delivering people from the anguish of stress and anxiety, via the power of transformative relaxation music.

And so, Serene New You Sax (same name as the company sans LLC), the debut music product was born! This unique recording featuring all saxophones and rainstick uses a nurturing, supple tone as one of its guiding lights, creating a breathtaking, soothing sonic palette that reaches the sweet spot within the body, calming the anxious state.

Moreover, whether you practice meditation, yoga, need to improve your sleep, or simply need a release, Serene New You Sax is relaxation music for you. Congratulations on your path towards a better life. Enjoy!

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