Relief from stress and anxiety on a deeper level.

Serene New You Sax LLC uses an innovative, supple all-saxophone soundscape to effectuate your body's relaxation response. A powerful new approach to enhancing people's lives.

  • “I have to say I was a little skeptical at first, I wasn't sure if it would actually relax me. ...It was so deeply relaxing that I needed to rest. It's beautiful and it's really relaxing. It's incredible, so I'm all in on it. ...It's so different than your typical going to a spa music, it's different than that. It has a unique quality, I think it's a very distinctive sound."

    Stacy Di Gregorio, Founder of Lotus Heart Mindfulness, Certified Search Inside Yourself (SIY) Teacher 
  • "He really has this unique genius, it's hard for me not to see the Divine in him. ...His name's Carl Bartlett, Jr.  The harmonies, the way it all comes together is...I can't describe it, verbally.  You really have to experience it and it is a visceral, positively uplifting and yet deeply relaxing experience."

    Stephen Pollitt, Creator of Source Energy Medicine 
  • JoAnn Youngblood King

    "Creating Serene New You Sax was a genius move on the part of extraordinary Saxophonist, Carl Bartlett, Jr., because I believe it can help many people who often suffer from stress and anxiety, in a natural way.  It's a wonderful blend of saxophones and rainstick that help produce a calm and relaxed feeling.  I personally listen to it in the evening when I need to relax and wind down from the activities of the day.  Serene New You Sax, is appropriately named because that's how you feel after listening; like a fresh "New You."  I love this soundtrack and highly recommend it!"

  • Beverly Hunt

    "You will actually feel your blood pressure lowering.  You will actually feel yourself returning to a stillness."

  • Julia Gabriel & Maria Gabriel

    "From the first few notes of the album I was hooked on it. Extremely relaxing and soothing to the mind.  I would recommend this album to anyone who is looking to take a little time to relax from the stress of everyday life.  After sitting through the sounds of Serene New You Sax, I am refreshed and renewed.  An album like no other!"

  • Wally Joshua

    "I love music.  More importantly, I enjoy good quality music. When it comes to tranquility, having an escape from the daily stressful life and getting revitalized, I need more than just good music.  It's got to be exceptional and impeccable.  This is what "Serene New You Sax" disseminates - Top quality quintessential music by an extra ordinary quality man; Carl Bartlett Jr.  Thank you Mr Carl Bartlett Jr. for speaking positively impacting calming vibes out there the way you do it best - your unique music.  God Bless!"

  • Steven Gross

    "The purpose of the piece is to relax you and to help the listener find inner peace. Carl’s gentle sounds on the sax stretch out gently making visual pictures come to mind.  I thought of waves gently rolling into shore.  A lighthouse came into my mind while listening to the piece.  I was also reminded of a peaceful landscape with mountains and birds gliding along to the gentleness of the lush sounds created by the sax.  The piece stretches notes softly and eloquently creating a feeling of inner calm as you listen. Carl’s musical creation also works as a form of minimalism.  It succeeds not only as a form of relaxation, but as an interesting example of ambient music creating visuals in the mind of the listener.  I can
    definitely see people meditating to this piece.  If you come home from a stressful day at work, this is the perfect piece to put on and play."

  • Cheryl Clark

    "Serene New You Sax, it's different from any other relaxation music.  Carl Bartlett, Jr. uses his sensitivity, intelligence, and gift of songwriting, which led to him receiving a coveted songwriting award. He was number one in the USA and number two worldwide.  So, you had a stressful day, cooped up in the house with the kids?  Time to unwind. With the first melodic sounds of sax you hear, your muscles start to release and that headache you had is starting to leave.  Serene New You Sax is better than medication, without all the side effects, and it's healthier for you.  Enjoy new found peace with Serene New You Sax."

This is a sampling of many powerful reviews from people in various parts of the world. Now is your time to LIVE your more relaxed life!