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Serene Photos Set 1: Seasons

Serene Photos Set 1: Seasons

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Serene Photos Set 1: Seasons makes your relief from stress, anxiety and feelings of low mood become reality via restorative, peace-inducing images.  It consists of 10 high quality, deeply comforting photos, plus 1 bonus photo (for a total of 11 photos), all taken by Founder Carl Bartlett, Jr., in which the beauty of the four seasons is depicted.

Seasons is a metaphor to reflect the different seasons that one experiences in life and overcoming adversity, always with brighter days on the horizon.  Each photo evokes tranquility, giving you deep ease from daily stressors into a much more relaxed, resilient, and uplifted version of you!

What you'll get: 11 photos

Format: JPEG digital downloads via a ZIP file

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Descriptions and Dimensions of Each Photo

Photo 1

Serene, sunlit, curved path between colorful green and red trees (Dimensions: 4032 x 3024)

Photo 2

Enchanting forest. Tall, vibrant trees with deep brown bark and rich green leaves as sun glistens through (Dimensions: 4032 x 3024)

Photo 3

Diamond sun shines majestic rays on trees below (Dimensions: 1080 x 810)

Photo 4

Tranquil space among green trees and grass, with light blue sky and sun shining, casting relaxing shadows (Dimensions: 3840 x 2880)

Photo 5

Peaceful beach, gorgeous and sunny. Calming sand and endless pristine blue ocean with small waves. Soothing ripples of water come ashore (Dimensions: 1920 x 1440)

Photo 6

Meadow with lush green trees as a vibrant, full, round sun beams light on them from directly overhead. Perfect blue sky (Dimensions: 3840 x 2880)

Photo 7

Autumn! Mesmerizing golden and green leaves decorate trees, as far as the eyes can see, with an easy sunlight (Dimensions: 1079 x 721)

Photo 8

Alluring sunset among calming clouds (Dimensions: 4032 x 3024)

Photo 9

Pristine white snow creates beautifully charming snow capped shrubs. Background full of fluffy snow as snow flakes float gently in the air (Dimensions: 4032 x 3024)

Photo 10

Ethereal ascending sunlit clouds illuminate a pathway through darker clouds high in the sky. Graceful stairway of clouds (Dimensions: 1080 x 525)

Photo 11 (Bonus Photo)

From saxophone, to you, with love! (Dimensions: 1080 x 810)