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Serene New You Sax LLC

Serene Bundle

Serene Bundle

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This comprehensive, powerful package combines restorative music, photos, and video to give you everything you need to relieve stress and anxiety, naturally, and build resilience to live the life you want!

Serene Bundle comprises 3 of our relaxation products at a combined discounted rate of $29.97 (down from $34.97) into one transformative special offer for you!  Your mind, body, and spirit will get ease as you quell burnout and gain vibrancy to increase productivity.

What you'll get:

1. Serene New You Sax - $15.00

2. Serene Photos Set 1: Seasons - $19.97

3. Serene Movie - a NEW and deeply restorative video product included as a BONUS, at no extra cost to you, and EXCLUSIVE to this offer!

(Original) Total Value of $34.97

➡️ (NEW) Total Value in this Serene Bundle Offer of $29.97

You Save! - $5.00

Format: MP3, JPEG digital downloads, and MP4 via a ZIP file

Details of What Is Included

About Serene New You Sax:

Serene New You Sax is the powerful, debut relaxation music track by Serene New You Sax LLC.  Your stress and anxiety relief have arrived!  It features Award-winning Saxophonist Carl Bartlett, Jr. playing saxophones and rainstick.

"Perfect for meditation" - Lucid Culture

Composed with your better health in mind, Serene New You Sax effectuates the body's relaxation response via a distinct nurturing and supple tone quality.  A cappella and layered saxophones in soothing harmonies and core elements of relaxation music create a restorative soundscape guiding you into tranquility.

Run time: 35 minutes and 37 seconds

Format: MP3 audio digital download via a ZIP file

About Serene Photos Set 1: Seasons:

Serene Photos Set 1: Seasons makes your relief from stress, anxiety and feelings of low mood become reality via restorative, peace-inducing images.  It consists of 10 high quality, deeply comforting photos, plus 1 bonus photo (for a total of 11 photos), all taken by Founder Carl Bartlett, Jr., in which the beauty of the four seasons is depicted.

Seasons is a metaphor to reflect the different seasons that one experiences in life and overcoming adversity, always with brighter days on the horizon.  Each photo evokes tranquility, giving you deep ease from daily stressors into a much more relaxed, resilient, and uplifted version of you!

What you'll get: 11 photos

Photo 1 - Serene, sunlit, curved path between colorful green and red trees (Dimensions: 4032 x 3024)

Photo 2 - Enchanting forest. Tall, vibrant trees with deep brown bark and rich green leaves as sun glistens through (Dimensions: 4032 x 3024)

Photo 3 - Diamond sun shines majestic rays on trees below (Dimensions: 1080 x 810)

Photo 4 - Tranquil space among green trees and grass, with light blue sky and sun shining, casting relaxing shadows (Dimensions: 3840 x 2880)

Photo 5 - Peaceful beach, gorgeous and sunny. Calming sand and endless pristine blue ocean with small waves. Soothing ripples of water come ashore (Dimensions: 1920 x 1440)

Photo 6 - Meadow with lush green trees as a vibrant, full, round sun beams light on them from directly overhead. Perfect blue sky (Dimensions: 3840 x 2880)

Photo 7 - Autumn! Mesmerizing golden and green leaves decorate trees, as far as the eyes can see, with an easy sunlight (Dimensions: 1079 x 721)

Photo 8 - Alluring sunset among calming clouds (Dimensions: 4032 x 3024)

Photo 9 - Pristine white snow creates beautifully charming snow capped shrubs. Background full of fluffy snow as snow flakes float gently in the air (Dimensions: 4032 x 3024)

Photo 10 - Ethereal ascending
sunlit clouds illuminate a pathway through darker clouds high in the
sky. Graceful stairway of clouds (Dimensions: 1080 x 525)

Photo 11 - From saxophone, to you, with love! (Dimensions: 1080 x 810)

Format: JPEG digital downloads via a ZIP file

About Serene Movie:

Serene Movie combines the ethereal relaxation music of Serene New You Sax with the enchanting photos of Serene Photos Set 1: Seasons into one deeply calming video. As the music plays in the background, the eleven photos rotate on the screen for the duration of the soundtrack.

Sound and sight ... take in serenity through your ears and eyes! Enjoy Serene Movie night (or day) with family and friends and foster relationships as you reap the benefits of relaxation and better health together.

Run time: 35 minutes and 47 seconds

Format: MP4 via a ZIP file

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